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Body language trainer and creator of the Killer Confidence Course and Spark Connection (CXN).

Attract new clients with unforgettable connection.

Do you know how many hours a week you spend clearing up miscommunication?  A LOT!  In fact, it can be upwards of 17 hours a week – that’s almost half of your work week which translates into not only a tonne of time, but a LOT of money!  This expensive shortfall creates a loss of impact, influenced a diminished industry presence.

The good news is that there’s a way to efficiently decrease your overwhelm and effectively increase your influence. Powerful People Science taps into your strengths and gives you the ability to have a greater influence to lead others where you want to go.  It’s practical tips and ideas for how you want to connect which will lead to the business growth that brings you the wealth, peace and ease you crave.

I’m Carla Gradin and I work with business owners, entrepreneurs and teams to troubleshoot easier, connect faster and move towards your goals quicker.  My mission is to help people understand human behaviour so they can leave people better than they found them, attain their personal and business goals more efficiently, and replace silent struggles and social insecurities with personal confidence and career growth.

I create a roadmap for leaders and organizations to navigate the impact of the subtle nuances of human behaviour and nonverbal communication.  This information is the fuel for sustained success.

96% of people believe people skills are a bigger contributor to career success than technical skills – yet most of us don’t get much formal training on the subtle and often surprising nuances of human behaviour.

Soft skills are increasingly becoming the hard skills of today’s work force.  It’s just not enough to be highly trained in technical skills, without developing the softer, interpersonal and relationship-building skills that help people to communicate and collaborate effectively.

The content you get in our keynote presentations or online course, Spark CXN, is fully practical.  While lots of professional development focuses on how unique and different we are, the practicality of this information is based on our similarities and, therefore, can be used in any relationship setting – from business to social to family.


my tribe

What if you could walk into room and be you…but a more powerful version of you.             

There’s amazing patterns and science behind how we all act, react and show up in a room full of strangers or even with people we know.  Whether it’s a business meeting, or a dinner party with friends…it’s critical to understand what makes people tick and how to leverage and empower these relationships and opportunities.

Imagine being able to troubleshoot easier, connect faster and move towards your goals quicker.

We are all hard-wired the same.  I take the golden nuggets of the science behind human behaviour and package it in a way that you can apply and have success in your work life or your home life immediately.

If you’re working late nights, early mornings and long hours with big dreams, a clear vision and a plan of action…

AND you are on a quest to learn how to increase your influence and climb to that next level of success, leadership and wealth, then you’ve landed in the right spot!

I’m excited to have you as part of my tribe and please make sure to invite your friends.  It’s so much more fun to practise these jedi mind tricks together.

~Inspiring Powerful People From Around The World~

This isn’t just motivation rah-rah.

This is a movement of personal empowerment backed by the facts.


Carla Gradin is a body language trainer, the founder Powerful People Science and the creator of the Killer Confidence Course and Spark Connection. She uses the latest research on human behavior, psychology and relationships to help people lead, interview, network, sell, pitch and date.

From entrepreneurs, to corporate leaders, to public figures, her ability to illustrate the secret superpowers of nonverbal communication in a fun and easy actionable way, has helped thousands of people communicate effortlessly, master their presence, and be the most memorable person in the room.

Whether you intend to use these skills at home, in the office, or social engagements, Carla can show you how to speak up, stand out, and show up as the ultimate best version of you.